Our realisations

Our realisations

Among others, Gwenaël has worked for the development of the following brands, in France, Benelux and Europe…

IRÉN SKIN is a new clean Japanese brand that integrates traditional Japanese rituals with cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients, with the creation of ethical, fun and customizable treatments.

SHI/DTO is a range of Intelligent skincare made in Germany with its laboratory based in Japan. It has developed a unique anti-aging technology that reduces the size of molecules, promoting maximum concentration and better penetration of ingredients for younger skin.

HE-SHI is a British premium brand expert in self-tanning. 

Development in France and Benelux in perfumeries, drugstores, independent stores. 

CHARLES WORTHINGTON is a premium British hair care brand

Development in Benelux, Asia and the Middle East.

THE SANCTUARY COSMETICS is a British skincare brand – with a Masstige positioning.

Development at Sephora, Monoprix in France and Douglas in Germany.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM is a French high-end skincare brand. 

Development of distribution in France in Institutes, SPA, Sephora, department stores

ESTÉE LAUDER is a prestigious high-end American cosmetic brand.

Regional development through perfume chains and department stores in France.