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Beauty Euro Agency is attentive to the protection of the personal data of Internet users, in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union). On this page we inform users about the measures implemented in our site with regard to the protection of personal data.

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Use of personal data collected

Ce site ne collecte pas de données personnelles


A cookie is a piece of information produced by the site and stored on the user’s device.

Le site utilise des cookies pour suivre l’activité des utilisateurs, ce qui inclue les visites, les connexions, les pages vues. En particulier des cookies sont nécessaires pour maintenir le fonctionnement de la session qui est initialisée lorsqu’un vis

The site uses cookies to track user activity, which includes visits, connections, page views. In particular, cookies are necessary to maintain the functioning of the session which is initiated when a visitor connects to the site.

A notification displayed on the site informs users of the existence of cookies, and remains displayed until the user has clicked on the “ACCEPT” button.

Contact form

This site contains a contact form. When the user clicks on the Send button, the information he has entered is sent in the form of an email to the email address of the site manager. This information is not recorded or kept on the site.

Statistics and audience measurements

This site collects traffic statistics using the Matomo Analytics tool. This tool does not record any data in sites or platforms outside the site, and it is set so as not to record the IP addresses of visitors.

Contact information

You can contact the site manager using the contact form on the site.

Automated marketing and / or profiling operations carried out using personal data

There is no automated marketing or profiling operation performed using any personal data collected by this site.